Winning Odds of Betting on Underdogs at Soccer Leagues

Standing on underdog or favorite are the dilemma choice that bettor face in sports betting, including soccer betting. In soccer betting especially in online like in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies, this is a choice that bettors make every day during the season. Even though favorite and big team guarantees our attention, betting underdog is the viable option in making money in soccer betting. Favorites are likely to be a sure bet. But, in some case, underdogs could beat the favorite. Betting on underdogs seems a bad punt. A novice bettor will not do that. They love to make a safe decision. Here are five reasons why Winning Odds of Betting on Underdogs at Soccer Leagues may not be a bad punt.

Not Obtaining Equal Money

Betting on favorites odds have tendencies to be on the low side ranging from 1,70-1,85. Favorite odds do not offer much value especially when you are betting in big number. If you bet 1000 US Dollar on a single day, even if you obtain the win, you only managed 700 US Dollar until 800 US Dollar for the profit.

Winning Odds of Betting on Underdogs at Soccer Leagues

Let us take a scenario. We adopted 3 bets in a day for the favorite. The results is one win, one draw and one loss. Then, I will get the loss of 150 US Dollar – 300 US Dollar. Now, take a bet on underdogs. Used the same scenario, one win, one draw and one loss, the odds tend to be in the range 1,97 US Dollar – 2,15 US Dollar. It means that betting on underdogs will result the minimal loss and gain the profit due to the value odds.

Nobody Respect Underdogs

Sometimes, favorite teams do not show their respect on underdogs. If in the next match it is against tougher opponent, they will rotate the team with reverse squad. Favorite teams seem to take bad team lightly. It occurred in all leagues in this world. But, this situation provides advantage for the bad team. The bad team will play relaxed, they do not have target on the match. There is no pressure, no expectation and they have nothing if they lose.

Factor X

Novice bettors do not have courage to place bet on underdogs. They only see the match as a contest. They perceive a good team against bad team. They create opinions about how terrible some teams based on recent personal gambling loss.

Novice bettors only bet based on their experience and rumors, they never create a research about the teams. There is x factor that always emerge when the team is played. This factor can be seen on statistical and situational research. There are certain situation when the bad teams have performed beyond their performance usually. If the bettors do a research on the underdog teams they will gain the benefits.

Betting on underdog team is not bad if you know the teams and the statistical information about the teams. Underdogs is not a bad team, they can be favorite. Take an example when Leicester City win the Premier League. Nobody had predicted it. Do not place a bet based on your assumption, take time to do a research.  You will feel why Winning Odds of Betting on Underdogs at Soccer Leagues may not be a bad pundit

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