What is Handicap Betting in Basketball?

Quite a lot bettor wonder about similar question before placing a bet: what is handicap betting in basketball? If you don’t know the answer, then your betting would be quite challenging. Don’t be too excited when your team win the match. Without proper understanding of the rule, you might lose the winning chance.

What is Handicap Betting in Basketball?

The Rules

When you play the handicap betting, basically you bet on the final points of the match. Instead of comparing the score of the winner and the loser, you should have interpreted the odds. Make sure you stand on the right side. Being favorable might not help much. The most important thing is your analysis of the game record.

In this QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker game, both teams will get handicap score. It is not as simple as siding on the stronger team. To make a fair bet, the home team might get minus or plus score, depending on the result from the last matches. The handicap score also applies to away team. Usually the virtual deficit point (-1,-2 and -3) is announced prior to the match.

Sample Case

Look at the following example. The rule sets as follows: Home (-1), Draw (-1) and Away (+1). This is how you should read it. Home team is the top dog, therefore the final score will be reduced one point. If you plan to bet on home team, you must be sure that the chosen team will perform with all their might. Draw result, in this case, is another expected result of the match.

When you bet on this possibility, be well informed that the score will be reduced by one point. Away team, in this matter, is on the weaker side. The betting system allows the team to start ahead. In this condition, both are placed on similar starting point. No one is better than another.

Your Position

Punters who placed bet on the table puts their hope to claim some cash out of their strategic planning. Next thing to do after choosing the bet is paying attention closely to the match. The final result determines the bucks you can take home.

After the long whistle blown by the referee, the number pops in the screen is 3-1 for the home team. Now it is time to apply the simple mathematics calculation. Three minus one is equal to two while one plus one gives sharpie two, which is smaller than the home score after handicap. In conclusion, those punters who bet their money on home team gets the benefit.

What about handicap-tie? This option is often chosen only by the experienced petty gambler. The reason is simple: think about the game as a whole. This statement refers to the deficit value of minus one. Instead of reducing the score of the winning team, you should apply the rule for both teams.

The first preparation in betting is understanding the rule of the house. There are a lot of different betting types, and it is obligatory to know which table you are in. Re-read the rules listed above and compare it to your table. Only then, you can build a great strategy for the next bet without having silly question like: what is handicap betting in basketball? Just go and play!

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