TOP ONLINE ROULETTE TIPS – You have to notice that in roulette, only certain system work and only at a certain instances. You have to be careful not to use the wrong system at the wrong time since most of the time the casino has a better house edge than your odd of winning. Systems may be valuable if used without a certain level of discipline but there is no mathematical probability of long term use of a system.



Bet on the outside of the table.

You have a higher winning potential in Live casino gambling games and best free bets website if you bet the outside bets than when you bet on the inside bets. This is because you usually receive even money after you have won your bet. The bets that pay in a ratio of one to one are the best especially for beginners who are new in the game and want to practice on the outside bets first. You can later practice to bet on two to one bets which are the dozen and column bets.

Choose the best roulette version

There are three main roulette version played on Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site. Learn the best and use it to increase your chances of winning. The numbers in American and European roulette have different numbers and their odds differ. The double zero in American roulette for example gives the house an advantage of about five per cent while the European roulette has a lower house edge of about three per cent. The odds of European roulette are way better than the American roulette.

If you are playing the European roulette use the en prison rule

This helps you to win your money back when you lose the previous spin. In other words, if the ball in the current spin goes into the slot o, you have a chance of being refunded the money you have lost in a previous spin. The only issue if in the next spin if you lose, you are likely to lose the game and all your money including your previous winnings. The most important thing about this rule is that it helps to increase your odds of winning by reducing the house edge.

Column bet to boost your bankroll

Column bets are actually outside bets which we had talked about earlier. These bets are however better that the other outside best in terms of helping you boost your bankroll through better payouts. The ratio of payouts in column betting is in the ratio of one is to two which help you grow your bankroll tremendously as long as you know how you can win them. Although the odds are a bit lower than those of even/odd, higher verses lower or red verses black, there is less risk when you bet on the columns than the inside bets.

Spread your bets with limited bankroll

The outcome of winning odds and numbers in online roulette at The Most Trusted Live Casino Website In Malaysia is generally random. Ensure your bets are well spread by combinations of your lucky numbers and other equally guessed numbers to maximize your chances of winning. Set the limits of your bets through proper conservative bankroll management. Determine the limit of the loss you can incur and risk you can afford to take even before you think of playing online roulette.

Save your winnings

Follow a pattern of discipline by ensuring that you save what you win or either some of it for other purpose. The worst thing you can do is putting back all you’re winning back into the casinos. Greed will only destroy you rather rather build you. Instead of greed and impatience, learn to value your money no matter how little it is by saving what you can.

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