Some Dirty Tricks of Land Base Casinos

The land base casino is a grand business, thus it is managed in such a way that in the end of your visit, you will have to say goodbye to your hard-earned money. Bettors never truly win against the house for it employs some cunning tactics making you stay in the trap until you have run out of money. Here are some dirty tricks of land base casinos that you should know that in online casino sites like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia doesn’t present.

The Here and the Now

Once you have entered a casino, you will find no clocks or windows. If you don’t wear your own watch, you will surely lose track of time. Land base casino staff are also told not to wear watches. What matters most is the here and the now—the game that you are playing.

Some Dirty Tricks of Land Base Casinos

The bright, yet mellow lights and the noises of the machines are stimulations strategically put in the building to give everyone a winning atmosphere. You are tricked to believe that you are an important person who almost reaches success and wealth. In addition, the almost winning experience in front of the slot machines and the false sense of control increase your desire to gamble.

The festive and euphoric atmosphere is combined with the casino’s cozy setting to prevent the visitor leaving the games. Any reputable casino will keep its environment clean. Feeling safe and pampered, bettors will sit on their comfortable couch and keep on gambling without realizing that the mellow lights and the hypnotic looping music induced the desired trance-like state.

Stay Awake and Happy

The casino owners cannot afford to let the bettors feel tired and leave. Thus, the swirling-patterned and brightly-colored carpets are chosen to adorn the floor. Besides, being pleasing to the eyes, the gaudy and psychedelic design of the carpets is meant to shock the bettors’ consciousness, keeping them awake.

Some casinos also pump in additional oxygen for this particular reason. It is an effective way to make you stay refreshed, gamble longer and lose bigger. Some of them even release pheromones in the room to increase the feeling of comfort.

Freebies, Alcohols, and Labyrinth

Casinos also provide many freebies, such as refreshments, alcohols, and perks which make you feel like you gain something although you keep losing. Hence, you will return to the casino. The alcohol plays a major role in the business by providing satisfaction to gamblers. While making you more liberal with your money, it disturbs your thinking process, resulting in poor decisions.

The building interior and the location of services are designed like a labyrinth. You will wander among the various machines tempting you to give one last shot. Combined with the alcohol you just consume, the labyrinth-designed building results in confusion as you look for the exit.

The land base casino does offer undeniably attractive entertainment. However, please be aware of some dirty tricks of land base casinos that they cunningly applied to make you keep on betting your money. Keep them in mind the next time you decide to visit a land base casino. Remember that awareness is the key to winning.

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