Soccer in the Villages

A village is a small community with limited resources and limited geographical area. It is in villages that people live or come from. In villages, people ought to know more about each other and interact freely amongst themselves. From these villages comes individuals who rise against all odds and attain their goals. Among these goals is being soccer player. This is a process that starts early in live and thus mostly it starts in the villages where these individuals are born and brought up.

Commonly, there are millions and millions of villages all around the globe and this translates to millions and millions of possible village clubs around the globe. Children and adults have come together and formed clubs that are in the business of playing football. More often they do this in the name of keeping fit but the results goes further In most of these clubs, you will find young people and adults join hand in hand to participate in the event of soccer. They go beyond the boundaries of ages and sex and decide to have their sessions together. Although limited in terms of rich and reach, they work their best to come up with fantastic results.

Soccer in the Villages


It is worth noting that in most cases these clubs do have little or no monetary support from anybody and thus relies on their personal contributions to fund all of their activities. If lucky, the club normally attains standards that are way ahead of others. In so doing, they always seem to be in their own class. Among the ones that fail to secure sponsors because of various reasons, they continue to fund themselves and this demonstrates the great passion that soccer has attained in the hearts and minds of people.

Soccer in the Villages
Soccer in the Villages

Soccer is popular all over the world

Being from villages around the globe, it is common to find that most of the village clubs are formed by the population referred to as the majority poor. This brings the idea of inadequate resources in the club. They face cases of losing interests due to lack of motivation as other shift to look for better pastures. If properly coordinated, these are the sources of soccer stars that we see today. It is worth noting that there are very many talented soccer players who goes unidentified yet they are very good players who possess immense abilities in the game. It has and continues to be very frustrating to many skilled players to realize that they are talented and have passion for the game and it goes without reward. Having spent all their time participating and practicing in football and not being noticed is very frustrating to some.

They end up giving up in live and turning to all manner of soul soothing live patterns. That is why in most villages where poverty is prevalent, there are very many people who have turned in to irresponsible behaviors not because they are useless but because they deem their live worthless. Unlike in various countries where talented players are identified early in live and nurtured to become football stars. It is very important therefore to pay attention and to distribute resources that are meant to grow soccer evenly. In this way, we would be bringing aboard an array of new skills to improve and promote soccer. This will also add meaning to the village players who have been playing without much to mention about the game.

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Soccer in the villages faces various challenges. Among the challenges is poor management this occurs mostly because there is deficits of technical knowledge and management skills. As usual, skilled and knowledgeable people ought to shift and look for better pastures in urban centers living the village scarce in these rare commodities. It is therefore recommendable to have passionate technical individuals and the only way to ensure this is through rewarding them well according to the standards that are set globally.

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