How to have a fine Minecraft experience

Minecraft is an exciting game. This is true especially if you are aware with the best techniques you can use to win the game. Read on some of the best strategies you can use.

How to have a fine Minecraft experience

How to have a fine Minecraft experience
How to have a fine Minecraft experience

Light Tip

In order to prevent any vision issues, such as trying to stare ores in dark areas is very difficult for your eyes, as it will get tired. The only thing you need to do is adjust the brightness setting. With default, you will get a moody brightness setting. The good thing about it is that it will help and save your vision. Furthermore, you don’t require as much torches particularly in the Nether, wherein all stuff is lighted devoid of torches on the bright setting.


Are you out of charcoal? Do not forget that hostile mobs need a light level of around seven in order to spawn. Make use of this information to save torches within your shelter. In addition, even if stuff are dim, any area within seven blocks of you is spawn proof. Plus, monsters will not spawn near you randomly. Perhaps, you don’t like to light up a perimeter in order to see what is coming at the same time light your home in order that you don’t return to look for a new tenant, however monsters will not be showing in front of you.

Item Durability

Mining intense and deep underground and inexplicably, suddenly you Pickaxe shoes into your hand. Perhaps you are asking yourself if it is a bug. But no, it is the item durability feature. You must pay attention and take care to see at the ‘health’ of your stuff, which is the little colored bar under your item prior to departing on any long journey, be it mining or exploring, as the only thing you like to do is to have a long trip back to your home just for an Pickaxe or axe. So, try to bring along with you a stock up on tools or a crafting table of you need to. In addition, try not to utilize tools up totally – as an alternative hang into the dead tool at the same time switching to a new one. Ten by the time the new tool mostly used up, then you can now mix the two. Also, this pools their lasting durability, along with the ‘repair bonuses for good measure. When you press F3+h, you will see that it explains the durability of your armor or weapon.


Do you see some fancy ore, diamond or redstone? Do not use of the low level pickaxes in order to mine them. By the time, the ore mines as bit by bit as breaking stone by bare hands, that is an indication or hind that it will not drop anything. Certainly, when any stones or ores except obsidian takes over two seconds for you to mine, then you are making use of the right and band pickaxe. Do not forget the rules that gold or wood pickaxes only mine cobblestone or coal, whole stone at the same time mines lapis lazuli ore and iron. Iron mines all blocks however diamond and obsidian pickaxes could mine obsidian. Just be careful enough as upper tier ores are deep that you are more likely to run to the lava lakes. Just do not forget your water buckets.

With these secrets, tips and strategies in playing Minecraft, there is no doubt for you to get fun and amazing journey mining. These are just some of the little hints and tips for those who are still new to the game.

Get ready for a fun-filled Minecraft experience with these suggestions.

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