How to enjoy Minecraft

Aside from the brewing equipment, it is also important to know the primary and secondary ingredients needed in making the Minecraft potions. It is also good to remember that all the ingredients can be effectively added to the water bottle but only one of them will possibly give you an effective potion instantly, only one ingredient will lead to a potion that has a positive effect. The following are the ingredients that are used in making the potions.

How to enjoy Minecraft

How to enjoy Minecraft

Primary Ingredients

  • Nether wart. This particular ingredient is the only one ingredient that effectively leads to potions that has a positive effect. Adding this ingredient to the water bottle can create an awkward potion but has no effect yet.
  • Fermented spider eye. This ingredient is used in making potion of weakness. It is also used as a secondary and tertiary ingredient to effectively add a negative effect to a certain potion.

Note: You can add also the other ingredients first but they will just create mundane or thick potions. Such potion can be turned into potions of weakness only if you add a fermented spider eye to it.

Secondary Potions

  • Blaze powder. This ingredient will turn an awkward potion into a useful potion like potions of strength.
  • Ghast tear. This ingredient can turn an awkward potion into an effective potions of regeneration
  • Fermented spider eye. This ingredient can create potions of weakness.
  • Glistering melon. An awkward potion can be turned into useful potions of healing when you add it with glistering melon.
  • Spider eye. This particular ingredient for making a Minecraft potion can turn a certain potion into dangerous potions of poison.
  • An awkward potion can be turned into potions of swiftness when it was added with sugar.
  • Magma cream. Adding this particular ingredient to an awkward potion can turn it into effective potions of fire resistance.

Note: The secondary ingredients are added after the first ingredients have been added. Adding them will result to a useable potion, which can also be brewed in order to make it a stronger version of that particular kind of potion.

Tertiary Ingredients

  • Glowstone dust. This are added to most potions to increase the strength or power of the potion.
  • Adding this to a potion can turn that potion into a splash potion.
  • Fermented spider eye. Adding this ingredient to an existing potion can drastically change the potion’s effect. It usually changes the potion with the opposite effect. For example, potions of swiftness can be turned into potions of slowness.
  • Redstone dust. This ingredient will increase the life or duration of most kinds of Minecraft potions.

Note: The tertiary ingredients are used to alter the existing potions. You can only possibly add glow stone or redstone, and not both of them. Adding one after the other will just apply the effect of the last ingredient added to the potion. Not all of the potions can be effectively enhanced by just simply adding glow stone or redstone, as those recipes are just pointless.

Minecraft Battles

Minecraft is a game wherein players fight with other players in a multiplayer, hence the word player versus player. In this game, the players can fight one or one or in teams. Minecraft is considered as the second hardest game to crack to several players, ranging from young to young at heart. The number one skill needed to win in a Minecraft battle is to have a firm grasp of the controls as well as obtain the following:

  • Armor
  • Enchanting
  • potions
  • damage
  • crafting

In Minecraft battles, the players can fight bow to bow, sword to sword, or bombard the enemy with potions. The player can also run around like a coward and headless chicken.

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