Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Hay Day is an online farming game which was developed by Supercell. It was introduced to the Android users in 2013 and 2012 for iOS. The players just need to manage their own farm in order to have more productions and business expansions. The collected resources can be sold on the shop where the other online players can buy what they need.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Playing this game will not cost anything if mobile users are careful and wise. There will be a nice progress if the farm is managed accordingly. As the day passes, the crops and livestock will increase so the player can sell his excess products. Profit will be on your hands if you monitor and update your shop well.

Hay Day Tips and Tricks
Hay Day Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of Hay Day Tips and Tricks

  • Keep a good number of seed crops for your farm – Each crop you put on a single land will give a double harvest. For an instance, a unit of carrot on the field will have two carrots added to the silo. One might be too eager to fill his land with available seeds. However, there can be a shortage on the crops during production of pies and breads. If a player has planted all seeds, he will be forced to use his diamonds to purchase new set of seeds. One must also remember that crops are very essential on producing feeds for the livestock. There must always be enough supply of corn, carrots, soybeans, wheat, and other crops on the silo storage.
  • Plant some crops before you get busy – There are crops which take too long before they can be harvested. Specifically, indigo and pumpkins will require a player to wait for several hours. One must prioritize those time-consuming plants. Before you sleep or get busy for work, you must ensure that you have planted them already. When you visit your farm again, you’ll expect that they are ready to be stored on the silo.

On the other hand, carrots, corn, and wheat only take few minutes to grow. They can be planted while you are waiting for the production of goods.

  • Feed the livestock accordingly – Some livestock need a number of hours before they give you products like cotton, milk and bacon. There might be interruptions with the production if you filed to feed the cows, pigs, goats and the like. Make sure that you have fed them ahead of time.
  • Don’t mind the visitors on your farm – The visitors would usually seek your help for their farm. They will attempt to purchase certain goods in exchange of fewer coins. You might not notice but visitors often pay inadequate amount so it’s better to simply keep your resources.

However, you can also sell the fast-producing items such as chicken eggs and wheat, especially if the silo storage is already full.

  • Earn profit with your roadside shop – It is highly recommended to sell your extra goods to co-players than visitors. By filling the boxes with breads, eggs, wheat, and other products, you will definitely acquire plenty of coins. You can view the newspaper to know the range of prices for particular products. You can lower the price of your products so that the customers will buy immediately. When the boxes are empty, you can sell another product to add your existing coins.

Playing Hay Day is really enjoyable

Playing Hay Day gives delight to online users. The farming experience will be more fun and efficient if you save time and money for achieving each level. The helpful tips and tricks will totally result to a great day on the farm. Aside from earning coins, diamonds and experience coins, you will meet new friends as you visit their farm. Hay Day is truly an ideal game for everyone.

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