Age of Warring Empire – Android – iOS Tips

Age of Warring Empire is the latest MMO strategy game developed by Silent Ocean and Elex Wireless for the Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the in demand application today. It is very appealing to those great fans of Spartan Wars as well as Kingdom of Camelot. With the goal to form training troops and gathering resources, up to forming alliances and attempts to take over on the map that you are playing on.

To start, most of the game needs to be unlocked until you gain enough experiences in a particular level in order to unlock it. Going to the next level includes the collection of prestige that can be done through building upgrades. So you need to use your limited amount of VIP time at the start of the game in order to pull off the most number of upgrades in the shortest amount of time.

Age of Warring Empire – Android – iOS Tips

From the start, you should level up your generals through training and you can also train your troops so that you can send them to the war. But, make sure not to send them into the tower if they don’t have maximum number of troops. In between the rounds, you can exit from the tower or you can simply shut down the application then reopen it in order to go back to the tower. It will increase the number of troops that your general has and it can also help you go longer into the towers.

Age of Warring Empire Android iOS Tips
Age of Warring Empire Android iOS Tips

Try to have as many people as you can to enter an invitation code. It is because of the fact that the more people that will enter your code, the more gold coins that you can get. You can also enter the code of someone anytime of the game in order to get bonus gold coins. In some cases, when you enter the code of someone where you already have your own kingdom, you will be shifted to the server of invites and you will be losing all your progress. In order to fix this, you need to go the screen’s option menu, then go to the account and change your world back to your previous world. It will become either the first newest world or the second or the third newest world. So just keep on trying until you get your account.

Thing you must remember in Age of Warring Empire

Avoid using catapults every time that you are in the tower because they won’t credit you to have a 20 percent of bonus in the city. Aside from that, they are also expensive, so it will cost you more resources just to get all of them back. Make use of an archer, cavalry and infantry instead and save your catapults in attacking another kingdom of player or the NPC strongholds.

Because there are four troops that can be trained, winning in a battle is very important. By training most of the number of troops and by leveling up your generals and heroes as high as you can in order to assign more troops that will fight in the battle.

The map area is surprisingly loaded with the abandoned empires that doesn’t have the absolute protection from troops because they didn’t have station for anyone at the walls of the city. If you find someone that has a lot of resources obtained from raid and defenses, you also need to raid them with reckless abandon. Just make sure to always station your heroes and troops at the wall of the city in order to prevent the troops from getting killed by the player of the other team for a certain time period.

In order to defend your city properly, you need to station your troops and heroes at the wall of the city. You also need to add additional troops that will provide defense by going to the constructing and fortification traps, spike obstacles, iron caltrops and rolling logs.

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