Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

Are you looking for a higher level of fun games? If so, video games are the best answered prayer for you. But it’s not just about the fun. There’s more of it that you need to know. What are the advantages of video games?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games

  • No restrictions

This only means that people can play it as long as they wanted. There are also no restrictions when it comes to the games one could play. Therefore, people could play to their hearts content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games
Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games
  • It is much better than watching television

When people watch television, they only need to sit back and relax whereas when they play video games, they need to use their brains as well as some of the skills that they have in order for them to win the game. People would also be able to develop skills such as the problem solving, decision making and even analytical skills while playing it. Therefore, it is much better since it is interactive.

  • Boosts one’s self confidence

There are people who are shy and that is why they sometimes resort to playing video games. With it, they feel a sense of accomplishment whether they win in every game that they are playing. Thus, it helps in boosting their self-confidence and helps them to enjoy their life more.

What are the disadvantages of video games?

  • Addicting

Some people said that it ruined the lives of so many people. The reason for this is because some people becomes addicted to it. In fact, some people does not even go outside of their homes just so they could play their favourite video. Some people even lack enough sleep and some even forgets to eat their meals on time. Moreover, some people even forget about taking care of themselves.

  • The risk of being violent

Most of the popular video games on the market involve violence. For example, some games have weapons that their avatar could use to harm and kill their opponents. Therefore, there is a chance that when people especially kids got used to seeing them, they also have the tendency to think that if they could do it in the virtual world, then they could also do it in the real world. Thus, they could also become violent. In worst cases, they could even hurt or kill real people.

The PlayStation 4 Learns from its users

Just like how social media is being able to learn about if the user is active, PlayStation is adopting this kind of model in the gaming world. The more the player plays the PlayStation 4, the more it learns about the things that the player wants to play and the things that they don’t like to play as well as the length of their playing time on an average thing. This kind of information allows PlayStation 4 to demo downloads and recommends games that every player will like from the history. Facebook is the first one to develop this kind of algorithm.

Playing video games could only be bad it the person is exposed in too much but aside from that, playing it is good and provides a lot of advantages. One just needs to have control over themselves especially when it comes to playing them. Moreover, one should never be isolated from the real world and there is also a need to distinguish the virtual world from the real world. Ultimately, even though there are other forms of entertainment out there, video games is one of the best since it is capable of letting anyone become what they wanted and have the powers they desired even if it’s just in the virtual world.

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