5 players who have disappointed in this year’s Euros group

Here we are, halfway into the Europe’s premier international tournament were 24 teams divided into 6 groups fought for a place in the knockouts. These teams have been inspired by some stellar performances from some lads who had a lot of burden over their shoulder to seek their team through while some have been a grave disappointment. Something much more was expected from these lads as they came into the tournament with some brilliant season for their club, but could not reflect the same form when it mattered for their team most. Here is a look on those five players who have disappointed in the group stages.

5 players who have disappointed in this year’s Euros group

5 players who have disappointed in this year’s Euros group
5 players who have disappointed in this year’s Euros group

David de Gea

Something much more was expected from this lad as a successor to the modern great Iker Casillas but David de Gea hasn’t been able to light up his performances for his country. David de Gea is one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world right now, but his performance against Croatia showed a completely different story. He came from a fantastic form from his league outing where he rescued Manchester United on numerous times. He had nothing to do with the first 2 matches as the opposition hardly tested him, but when it mattered most against a quality opposition in the name of Croatia, he pampered. This is his first international tournament and it’s completely understood and will come strong in the knockouts.

Antoine Griezmann

The lad was solely responsible to guide Atelico Madrid into the UEFA champion’s league quarterfinals, but has not shown that from for the French team. He was on goal scoring streak in the league football destroying his opposition, but has failed to score even a single goal for his team yet and was so poor in their initial game that the manger decided to pick him out of the team. The lad has great strength and could be a potent force in France and once he comes back to his antics the opposition will surely have trouble dealing with it.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is one more name that has underperformed at this year’s Euros. It has been quite a while since he has represented England, but still was not able to outperform. Such form is not expected from the premier league golden boot holder, but the problem with him is he looks tired and is hardly even having important touches in the game. This was the reason why he was replaced by Jamie Vardy in the team sheet but can still come strong in the knockouts.

Robert Lewandowski

It’s almost shocking to see that the goal tally of Lewandowski at the Euros is still zero and is yet to score in the tournament. He was considered as the main man for the polish team coming into the Euros, but the scene coming into the Euros has been such that the whole team has contributed except their most experienced and deadly player Robert Lewandowski . The standards he set last season with his performances for Bayern Munich looks humongous regarding his current form and if Lewandowski doesn’t come back to his basics in the knockouts then it’s probably game over for the polish team.

Zaltan Ibrahimovic

This was a player who was the most poor and disappointed all his fans and his country. He not even failed to score a goal, and was not able to test the opposition goalkeeper once in the tournament. A lot was expected from him coming into his last international tournament, but was a grave disappointment. This sort of form is completely unacceptable if you are one of the Europe’s deadliest strikers. He has scored 62 goals for his national team but couldn’t add anything more to his tally.

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