5 players that have impressed everyone at the Euros Group Stages

The Euros group stage is over and we have our 16 teams that have qualified for the greatest Euros yet. No one of the giants looked consisting as they all dropped points resulting in no perfect score at the points table. There have been some shockers too, some unlikely teams that have come out of nowhere and showed the world that what they were capable of. There have been some players who have enlightened this year Euros with their stellar performance and have brought their team back to the glory. These players have come up with some fantastic performances for their team and here is the list if top 5 players at the Euros

5 players that have impressed everyone at the Euros Group Stages

5 players that have impressed everyone at the Euros Group Stages
5 players that have impressed everyone at the Euros Group Stages

Luis Nani

At the start of the tournament it always looked like Portugal this time will also go further with the Cristiano Ronaldo show. Though some would argue and say Ronaldo should be here in his place, but I would select Nani as Cristiano Ronaldo just put a show in the single match while Nani was there for Portugal in all three matches trying his best and outperforming others. It looked like this man has finally stepped up from the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo and has rekindled his form and combine with Cristiano that could be a driving force for Portugal in the road ahead.

Ragnar Sigurdsson

This will be a name that will definitely shock everyone but his lad has stepped up for Iceland and has done a fantastic job for his nation. Ragnar is easily the best defender in this year’s Euros outclassing the so called giants in the process. The reason why Iceland has looked potent in attack is because they know they have strong man at the back to hold on to and they don’t need to worry about protecting the goal. His performance against Portugal was pitch perfect. He had dealt with the opposition with ease and has been the most vital part of the team and also has the best defensive stats at the Euros that show his class.

Dmitri Payet

One year before if someone would have asked you that who is Dmitri Payet, and then you will have surely wondered who that is. A year before Payet was nowhere near the French team and after a year has looked like a main man for the French team. The incredible success that Payet has achieved in the last year is inspiring and what is worth watching is that he is enlightened this year’s Euros as he has scored two crucial goals for the French team and has assisted one. The most important thing is that his presence only has been the catalyst to his team win.

Ivan Persic

Coming into the tournament, Croatia was probably considered the dark horses and everyone knows why. Croatia has two of the world’s best midfielders who were likely to be the big game players for the team. This Euro has seen an unlikely hero emerged fort the Croatian team in the name of Ivan Persic. He has been deadly consistent since the start of the Croatian campaign and his performances against Spain single handedly won them the match.

Gareth bale

There is no player that I can think about of having the top spot when it comes to the performances. The three goals from three match say it all for the Welsh team as he has scored 50% of his team’s goal and what is worth watching is the occasion from which the goals have come. Gareth bale has been a class above the opponents and has one again ignited his free kick skill as he has scored two goals from free kick this year and if Wales want to progress further they will surely look up to Gareth Bale to come up with another fantastic performance.

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