2016 FIVB World Tour: Updates after FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam in Poland

Latvia’s Aleksandrs Samoilovs and Janis Smedins have moved upwards significantly in this year FIVB World Tour money standings and point which happened after their gold medal victory in the previous week’s FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam win in Poland.

After enjoying an exciting FIVB Grand Slam in Poland the previous week, The Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) will later witness the 2016 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour after a one-week break. The ultimate countdown will continue for the Rio 2016 Olympics next week with the double-gender $800,000 Swatch FIVB Major to be held in Croatia, which is the second event in this series portion of the world tour.

2016 FIVB World Tour: Updates after FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam in Poland

The previous week witnessed the men’s team from Latvia winning while woman’s team from Germany win the gold medal at $800,000 at the Olsztyn Grand Slam, which is the third of the four in this World Tour. It was woman’s 14th event while it was the 17th one for the men’s category. The remaining events shall all be the double gender ones.

2016 FIVB World Tour: Updates after FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam in Poland
2016 FIVB World Tour: Updates after FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam in Poland


In the men’s category, the awesome Latvia’s pair scored a near-perfect 7-1 record and claimed the gold medal after upsetting Brazil’s second-seeded Bruno Oscar Schmidt and Alison Cerutti. They won after straight sets, 21-19, 21-15 within an exceptional 37 minutes time.

It was the seventh World Tour gold medal for Latvia’s Olympian Samoilovs/J. Smedins who have also acclaimed two bronze and five silver medals. Individually, it was the eighth gold medal and the 19th final four finish for Smaoilovs in 139 tournaments after having bagged two bronze, six silver and three fourth place finishes. The 2012 Olympics bronze medalist J. Smedins, it was his ninth World Tour gold medal along with having three bronze, six silver, and four fourth place finishes.

Also, the title for Men’s most outstanding player (in Olsztyn) was given to Latvia’s Janis Smedins.


Germany’s third-seeded Kira Walkenhorst and Laura Ludwig won their second gold for their second week with a truly remarkable 7-0 record. This victory was against Brazil’s Larissa Franca and Talita Antunes in 41 minutes; with three sets to win. The victorious German pair got its fourth gold medal in the previous 5 weeks. The week before, this pair won the CEV European Championships.

It was wonderful news for this German women pair who earned a spot in their 2016 Rio Olympics. For an individual analysis, Ludwig played her 30th FIVB World Tour and won a total of 8 bronze, 11 silver and 6 gold medals. Walkenhorst played all her final four finishes with her teammate, Ludwig.

Here, Kira Walkenhorst was selected as the women’s most outstanding player of the tournament.


After its implementation in 2013, the formats for all the FIVB Beach Volleyball International Matches – whether FIVB Beach Volleyball Grand Slam, FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships or the FIVB Beach Volleyball Open – are all the same.

They all are to feature pool play which is to be followed by single elimination rounds of knockout format. To find the final teams for the qualification, country quota playoffs were included again as needed in 2015.

FIVB 2016

The 2016 FIVB Beach Volleyball Calendar has a purse of US $8.8 million with a season stretching from previous to this season’s October. The matches occurred at 23 venues across 13 countries. The 2015 part of the tour began in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and had two other open events before the remaining schedule resumed in February in Iran.


The Olympic qualification procedure began in 2015 to matches being held from 2015 till June 13, 2016 until finally rankings were obtained to find top 15 spots for each gender to take part in the Olympic Games on Copacabana Beach in Brazil (this August). Brazil, being the host nation, was awarded two additional spots in the event of 24.

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